February 29, 2008

This post is dedicated to the memory of Kenny Schweikoffer.

Happy and I stopped by the Stone Arch Bridge on our way back thru town today.
I wanted to see the river now that the water levels returned to normal after the drawdown event of last week. It was again flowing beautifully over the falls of St. Anthony. During last weeks event it was a strange sensation to see the river after all the water had been let out of it, there really was nothing to reference it to, especially with the extreme cold temperatures causing icing on everything and with such a bright contrasty day. The scale of the picture was gone. I wished I had taken those same images last summer to have a graphic example of how much things can change.
Love it or loathe it, it's the new Guthrie Theater. The walkout thing to me looks a little weird from the road, and I always sped up a little when biking under it while it was in construction, but the views from the 4th floor open air balcony are monumental. It salutes the river in a very unique way.

The work continues on the 35W bridge project, 24/7 as they say. Large pylons for the new bridge are in place already and the bridge design shown on the kiosk in the Mill City Museum is a definite improvement for pedestrians compared to the old style. I know those workers are looking forward to spring and warmer temps.

Happy Leap Day!

You know, that day where we take all of our "found moments" from the last four years and stick them together to magically make one whole day out of them? Who says you can't make up time! We control the vertical and we control the horizontal!
And thru theoretical physics we, um, "know", that Gravity Slows Time*, so Happy the Dog here, in his leap away from Earth, is actually growing older slower than he would on the Earth's surface, hence why he looks so young and Happy! So this leap year thing is actually a good thing in more than one dimension! Now I just have to find my Quantum Leap (tm) watch, so I can reset it. Okay, if two trains with twin Happys are leaving Newark at 3PM...

*Awesome that our whole reality is based on something so bizarre