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February 24, 2008

It seems like our Airport Dog Park is always a good place to capture a nice wide angle sunset. A open incline terminating in low swampland, and facing west with a wide field of view. The important thing is to develop a keen sense of hearing for the footsteps of a dog running full-speed / open field towards you while wearing a ski hat (you are the one wearing a ski hat, not the dog, altho the dog may be wearing a bandana) because as soon as they see you bend down and adjust your tripod, it's like you are now at their mercy, they are interested in you and your strange contraption that might be a tennis-ball thrower or have something to do with treats.
So it adds another level of challenge to the photographic disipline, you have to set up your tripod, line up the shot, press the shutter, wait for the shutter, and grab the tripod and camera in one swoop just before the dog reaches you and attempts either the flying body tackle, the behind the knees clip and roll (now outlawed in semi-pro), or the pull up short, graze you slightly, circle back and try to lick your lens while you turn in circles at an ever-increasing speed trying to pull your gloves on.

Happy makes friends with a Spitz.*
*Note: The strange button-shaped appendages on Happy's butt are actually swirly hair patterns, and are beyond our control.

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