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February 23, 2008

Big news of the day - The crocus is blossoming in February!!!
Anikin is speechless, well even more than usual. In the last two days two white blossoms appeared on the smaller set of plants, and popped open in the morning sun today. I grew something! I grew something!
I thought this was a unique exposure. No, Happy the Dog isn't caught in a raging forest fire on an Arctic lake. It was shot using my camera's "Night Mode" which opens the shutter for 3 seconds (in this case) then fires off the off-camera flash using rear-curtain sync. The net result is the parkway bridge in the background, street lights, and vehicle lights are captured during the long part of the exposure and the dog and snow are captured by the flash as the shutter closes. Seems a bit surreal to me as the time lapse part of the image suggests motion and passage of time while the camera flash part of the image freezes that particular moment. Somehow they fit together in the same time-space continuum. As Einstein would say, "It's all relative."

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