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February 18, 2008 - Presidents Day

In honor of President's Day,
I bring you a new UNDERWATER Mount Rushmore:



& Blandy

So much smarter than some presidents.
So much more charisma than some presidents.
So much more personality than some presidents.
So much higher up the food chain than some presidents.
Able to breathe thru their butt, much like some presidents!

The similarities are astounding!

In the few days since we last checked in with Anikin the Manikin, it seems there has been a drastic turn of events. After nearly getting thrown thru the window in a fit of crocus-wrassling, it looks as tho Anikin has reversed his political affiliations and turned tree-hugger. He told me in an exclusive off-camera interview that after banging his head on the windowsill, he realized in an epiphany that he and the crocus essentially "came from the same stuff", and that he hoped "we all could just get along."

"Peace out," added the crocus.

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