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February 6, 2008

Seems like no matter where I am these days, there's a willow of some sort in my picture. Lake Nokomis has these beautiful weepers on the west side of the Cedar Avenue bridge. I liked the sunset colors and added some fill flash to bring out the colors of the tree. This is Minnesota's equivalent of the San Leandro Bridge. Except it's only about 2 blocks long.

This is a Ferenghi ear tree.
It likes to have it's burl rubbed.
But who wouldn't, really?

And sadly, a fallen Angelica

Ah well, it's a perennial.

Here's a bit of a spooky light. The dark foreground with the sparkles is the foot thick ice under the Cedar bridge. The moonlight and streetlights above are casting an ethereal glow out past the shadows.... And one of the spookier inhabitants of the bridge.
A pigeon, or more formally a "rock dove" with a supernatural green cowl.
Perhaps there are Orks nearby...?
Hey, wait... I was the only one there. Hunh.

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