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February 4, 2008

Well, nothing says Christmas like throwing your old Christmas tree off of the bridge to let it rot until February or god knows when. Some people question evolution, but I know it exists because I see people de-evolving into grunting, drooling cro-magnons everyday. When you think about it, this is probably more of a mutation effect as cro-magnons wouldn't waste energy on something this meaningless.
Did you ever wonder what the inside of an old oak tree looks like? Looking skyward thru the "Elf Door Tree." Needs a little roof work.
I'm thinking this is "side-oats grama", a perennial prairie grass whose seeds have made it this far thru the winter. Kind of like those pull-off phone numbers for "Roommate Wanted" or "Buy my Bike" handbills.
Minnehaha Falls with a fresh coat of snowflakes. The ice tells a million stories. One day I'm going to be framing up a picture and a giant glacier-sized chunk is going to cleave off and explode at the bottom. I hope I have the wits to press the shutter.

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