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February 10, 2008

A bald eagle launches off of it's perch and heads out over the Mississippi.
I can never get enough of watching birds fly, especially the jumbo-liners like this guy.

The view down the Mississippi (south), from the mouth of Minnehaha Creek.
Our meterological stats today: Temp - 6 F, windchill -26 F. There are ghosts of whispy clouds slithering along the rivers surface, the equivalent of snow-snakes on the highway. Sheets of ice are travelling the thalweg, the route of the fastest and deepest water, until they are hooked by outcroppings of rock and ice protruding into the main channel. Plate techtonics begin as they turn, collide with other sheets and are crushed, merged and broken apart until there is a slurry of ice shards following along the outside of the channel. A lone robin is pondering if it was such a good idea to winter in Minnesota this year. "I shoulda paid attention when Mom was going over that whole migration thing with all the chicks. But I had to blow that clump of mud and sticks and be free like Johnathon Livingston Seagull, man!" Museman has been monitoring the progress of the crocus all night and all day today and substantial changes have occured! Growth and leaf divergance have multipled exponenially! It's the crocus that ate Manhattan!

Oh, and you had better start bending at the hip a little more there Museman, or I will be in trouble with OSHA for sure.

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