February 25, 2008

Enjoying a nice warm, (35 F) sunny day today, and the animals were taking advantage of the break from the cold. Happy the Dog and I hiked down to the mouth of Minnehaha Creek where it enters the Mississippi, and there we witnessed a virtual aerial extravaganza going on. First, about 200 ducks came quacking, honking, and flying with much alacrity down the river. Next, and even louder came the crows and ravens, and their reason for rousing the rabble flew in ever-increasing circles: an American bald eagle, a juvenile bald eagle and two red-tailed hawks.Magestic, what else can one say. Not troubled in the least by the noisy crows flying at their wingtips. And if the crows were loud, the piercing shriek of the eagles was like the Queen Mary taking on a VW Bug.
Young pup Eagle.

Red-tailed hawk and crow having a "domestic."

Red-tail, sans crow.

Don't do it young Mr. Robin! It looks tasty but it's buckthorn!
Your pooper will not be happy!

Hey look, I see somethin' stinky to roll in! Bonus.