February 12, 2008

Feed me MORE! It looks like Anikin the Manikin is loosing his battle against the giant crocus. Even tho he is putting on his best Ninja skills, things have gotten out of control. I fear a figure-four leglock and an airplane spin and Woody is out the window.
I'm not sure what the Inuit word for this type of snow would be, but I am suggesting "18 lb. dog foot collapsing geometric plate snow." I would rank it somewhere between "bulletproof" and "2 inch thick styrofoam sheet."
It made for very strange walking. We would be held up by it for a few paces then crash thru, pieces scattering every direction. Happy the 18 lb. dog would leave these weird geometric shaped depressions as pawprints.
There is something incongruous about watching a dog with a 3 inch foot leaving 8 inch long footprints that fold in the middle...