March 24, 2008

All sorts of animals active at the Lagoon this morning. Happy and I were on dawn patrol and it was great to see the morning light. Completely different than the later day stuff I've gotten too used to.
Shar & I saw this feral cat on Saturday hop down a woodchuck hole like she owned the place. Now her tracks are all over the trails and she has moved in. I fear for the songbirds. I think she could drop them with her laser-beam stare alone.
Speaking of, here's young Master Cardinale, sitting pretty. Lots of singing back and forth these mornings. NOTE IT: Also heard my first RWBB (Red-winged blackbird) doing it's telephone impression this morning. That is a sure sign of spring around these digs.
Then there's these guys doing their bookends thing. They are both Great Blue Heron, but the morning sun is giving the front guy a little tan. I hope his legs are not frozen in the creek. If he is, he didn't seem too worried about it.
Kinda "saw" this concept shot (rare for me) of the sun coming up behind the Longfellow Pergola (sorry, it's not Stonehenge) lighting up the frost on the bergamot. Won't be long until we're helping plant this years colors. Can't wait to see how "Sister Teresa," Master Gardener, has it laid out this year. Bring on the hummingbirds. Oops, getting a little ahead of myself.