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March 22, 2008

Now I know where KISS got their makeup inspiration.

There he is in all his full-profile glory: Mister Wood Duck. Why am I reminded of Artie Johnson saying, "Verrrrrly interrrrressstink..."

And here's the little misses, preparing to sing Wagner.


buthidae said...

I've never seen a wood duck - what a handsome bird. Beats the (frequently hybridized into mutts) mallards we have around here.

dignature said...

Yes, well it's about time a serious woodworker like yourself saw a wood duck. They are so very vivid and dynamic, also very skittish and hard to get close to. I just happened to be in a good spot, but I had the dog along and between him and the mallard crowd, the female got separated from her beau and was kinda freaking out, not knowing if she should swim by us and thru the melee, try to fly, or just make panicy whistles and hope her man would come to the rescue.
Finally she DID cautiously swim by us with him talking her thru, keeping a close eye on the camera and the dog at all times. She really started making way after she got past the other ducks and could see her man. Major wake like a cabin cruiser. I still haven't gotten what I consider the definative photo of a male. I have some others in that set that may be better after a little cleaning up, but I haven't been able to put all the pieces together to get something close, sharp, and in great light. Some day...
The females have a very vivid lavender/purple feather patch that you very rarely see, and I have been trying to capture that as well. This picture with her opening her wings is unusual for me around here. We have been working on more duck boxes for them and seem to be creating more activity. We also occaisionally see some Lesser Scaup, Mergansers, Northern Shoveler, and Blue Wing Teal along the creek. Very interesting animals. I wonder what the mallards think.