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March 21, 2008

Ahh Spring, and another page slips off the calendar...

Wait a minute, yesterday was the Veral Equinox, the First Day Of Spring, and here we are today with six inches of snow! I can hear Punxsutawney Phil chuckling his little woodchuck chuckle all the way from Gobbler's Knob. (Which is very fun to say by the way, let's all say it now, "Gobbler's Knob." Hey, that was good.) Hey wait tho, he saw his shadow and it's SIX MORE WEEKS of winter... That was February 2nd, and with leap year that's 27 days plus 20 days in March is 47 days. Hey! Six weeks is 42 days! Aww man! We always get the shaft in Minnesota. Stupid Vikings can't win the Super Bowl. Hockey Team goes to Dallas of all places, that's insulting. Twins trade away all our good guys. Camp Snoopy closes. (Whacking forehead with palm of hand) Oh, the humanity. A pox on you Pux.
Okay well it is "pretty." And it's a lot cleaner than the crud that was left after the first melt, I gotta tellya. Not pretty, not pretty. All those crud layers compacted into quasi-dimensional super crud. That's why we all need to pick up our own poop, people. A Public Service Announcement. Tho it looks like these tiny people are doing the funny walk, they are actually cross-country skiing over the bridge. Kind of a Robert Crumb sort of thing. Hup!
The Falls are back in a big way and that graffitti is down around Missoura.
I never was too sure about this sculpture, but it was showing a lot of emotion today.

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