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March 11, 2008

Do not adjust your sets. Objects in the creek may shifted somewhat during early spring melt. Some settling may occur. Contents are measured by volume, not by weight. Slight yellowing may occur with age, tannic acid from fallen leaves, or excessive lemming piddle. Keep away from young children and the elderly or infirmed.
Is it the crypt of the Castle Greyskull? Moat to the sewers of Venice? Entrance to the Tunnel of Terror? No, no, and no. Just the underpass for Minnehaha creek's meander below Minnehaha Avenue. The swollen waters are pooling for a final dash over the Falls...
"Hey, see ya in the Atlantic."
"Yup, go with the flow."
"Ugh, dry up."
"You're lookin' a little dirty there, better get the Tide!"
"Just go over."
"Hey, the Wet Look went out in the 70's."
"Shut up and go."
"Whoa, that's quite a drop."
"Get it?"
"Hey, you don't have to push, Ahhhhh!"

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