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March 10, 2008

The Lake Street Bridge (looking west into Minneapolis), otherwise it's the Marshall Bridge (if you're looking east into Saint Paul.) Still one of the shakier modern bridges in the area to my tripod, but nothing like the "taking your life into your own hands" days of the 1980's when it was being rebuilt and widened. No sides, nothing but a single cable to grab on to as a pedestrian, (maybe they just put it there so the wind would sing loudly thru it and that alone would scare you off) and the superstructure was stripped down to the wooden planks. Instant death on a bicycle on a rainy day.
The kicker tho were the "ONLY ONE CITY BUS ALLOWED ON THE BRIDGE AT A TIME, and BUSES 10 MPH" signs on both ends. I'm not sure if they didn't think it could take the weight or that they were just losing too many mirrors. At any rate you had to wait your turn in the bus at the end of the bridge as the other one crossed (creeping towards you at 10 mph, it was cruel), then smile and wave, cross yourself and prepare to dodder along at a snail's pace with grizzled old women murmuring at their rosaries the whole way. Once across, about half of the bus got off at the first stop to go to the bathroom. Food for many dreams...
Sunset Minneapolis. Those could almost be date palms if this was California, 50 degrees warmer, smoggy, and jammed with cars. Other than that it's pretty close.
Looking North, upstream, standing on the dotted line that runs down the middle of the river. I'm in Minneapolis, I'm in St. Paul. I'm in Minneapolis, I'm in St. Paul. I'm in Minneapolis, I'm in... sorry.
Distant dinky downtown at dusk.

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