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March 2, 2008

Ghost Dog, Ghost Train


buthidae said...

This is very cool. I'm pondering how it was done. I am guessing it's two photographs, one with train and dog, and one without, layered in PP, with Happy the Dog's layer having minimal opacity? Close?

dignature said...

Oy, always with the PhotoShop. No actually, it was one 25 sec. exposure. Happy always freezes when he hears the train coming, so there he is frozen, holding nice and still in the incidental streetlights. The train goes by and leaves it's nice smear, being a nice long train, and Happy jumped so fast you can't even see his shadow. (That's fast.) You can see some other hazy silouettes of him to the left of the dark one, one with his tail up and some smearing and movement.
As far as using PP, I 'clarified' to darken the shadows, and over saturated the color a little. Those two light spots near the center of the picture are some kind of lens flares off of the light poles beyond the train, I think. They're weird. It's interesting to look at larger as the trees on the other side of the train tracks show the reflected light of the train too.