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March 23, 2008

Today was DigitalNature Hike Day at the Bass Ponds, and the topic: Tripods & Panoramas. Off we head down the trail, fully laiden. Well, most of us. What you can't see is just off camera, our neighbor Morgan straining to pull his sled full of my tripods, gear bag, etc. Pro photographers have an adage, "Buy the biggest tripod your friend can carry."
The day did not disappoint, either. Along Long Meadow Lake we came upon a communal animal scene with a small herd of whitetail deer, plenty of mallards, a few coots, a wayward gull, and a killdeer.
The killdeer didn't seem too interested in the deer, or us either for that matter. He seemed a little forlorn. I think he is hoping to see some sandy beaches there soon.
Then it was back to the hood to get the pup out for his walk before the sun dropped down. Nice colors from the creek bridge looking west. Red skies at night, Sailor's delight. NOAA figured they'd hang out a carrot for us saying we might see 50 degrees over the next few days. Man, I was just gettin' used to this new snow. How am I going to move my sled full of gear?

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