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The Polls are Closing (and the bloggership breathes a collective sigh of relief...)

Huzzah! It's the last day to vote for your favorites in the "name those nasty pieces of crud that you try to karate kick off your car at the gas station" poll!
It's been a long, hard, campaign trail, so let's put this baby to bed with the bath water.
There has been more voting and one more write-in candidate since the last tally.
I was told by an acquaintance that lived in MN in the 1960's that the term for these things was "clunkers." I asked if that meant the fender things or the cars themselves, but didn't get a clarification so I'm adding the term anyway.
The hanging-chad rears it's ugly head yet again.
So! Here are your updated candidates and their tallies in the poll*.

*Polls close at Midnight Tonight. Operators are standing by. Vote early and often. Order now and receive a Ginsu cleaver at no extra charge...

"Car Turds"
1 (8%)

1 (8%)

1 (8%)

"Fender Fudge"
4 (31%)

"Granita Crudite"
1 (8%)

"Mudflap Mallow"
0 (0%)

"Pothole Pudding"
0 (0%)

"Salt Stalactites"
2 (15%)

"Snow Boogers"
1 (8%)

"Tire Tacos"
0 (0%)

"Wheelwell Wedgies"
2 (15%)

Or so. Margin of error +/- 1%, as far as we can tell.

The write-ins; a.k.a "None of the above (email it over)" are still leading by a sizable margin.
Without variety it wouldn't be a horse-race.
Maybe that Electoral College isn't such a bad idea after all.

"If it would have been anybody except Franken, they would have won by a landslide." - Norm Coleman

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