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February 6th, 2009 - It's post #333!

Welcome to blog post number 333!  Da da dun dun dun da da dunty-dunty da da dunty-dunty da da dunty-dunty dun. Hey!

I've heard tell that MN State 333 runs from the "State Hospital" in St. Peter to MN State 99, but I can't personally vouch for that. Once you get those three's going, it's like they just don't stop. Similar to the '23' enigma. (Nothing to do with "24")
This week I'll probably be seeing it everywhere.

Yee haw. The "Grand-daddy of 'em all, the Wyoming State Fair." Been there. Did that. All I remember was trying to sell computer pictures under the rodeo grandstand and having all the pop, beer, and god-knows-what-else dripping out of the ceiling while we were trying to make money. Livin' the life.
That and ripping the edge of the Ski-Ball joint off with the ladder on the Winnebago as I got the hell outta there. Sorry dude! I got a hammer here if you want me to climb up there and pound 'er out!  Ahh... Good times, good times.

And here's poor down-trodden Arkansas Highway 333 that doesn't even get their name on the sign.
I suppose they figured that something that ends in "sas" but is pronounced "saw" would just confuse people more.

Meanwhile back in 'Sota, the Ford bridge is casting some heavy-duty shadows.
This was last week in the midst of ass-creaking cold, so I can't imagine it looks much like this now.

Here's some interesting stuff though. These are tracks seen from the Ford bridge across the hard-pack on the Mississippi River. To me they appear to fox tracks, but it's hard to tell how big there are from way up there. They could even be coyote.
I'm trying to figure out what was going on there though. It looked like some of them are regular "runs" where the animal takes the same route every night, with an occasional variation to go investigate something off-trail. Maybe just following scent, who knows.

This ones like Highway 333 with County Road intersections. I wonder how many animals there are and when their "time" is. Maybe on a moonlit night I'll go back for a closer look.
Thanks for joining me to christen blog post #333 and for coming along on the journey so far.

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