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February 16th, 2009 - President's Day

Minnehaha Creek rushes around the "island" at the head of the falls. Just a couple days before this, the dog and I were walking across this part on ice pretty much frozen solid to the bottom.

We've had a bit of a freeze since these pictures were taken last week, but it's fun to look at them again now. The water was really raging over the falls for a couple days after our melt, I wondered how the construction workers downstream were dealing with it. They've been working on rebuilding the containment walls for the creek and shoring up the paths, etc.
They were pumping out the pool beneath the falls under the deluge, but I doubt they were keeping up with it. It sucks for them; either it's real cold and they get to work in the cold in low water conditions, or it warms up and they get flooded. I wonder what they like better.

Cool colors in the ice, water, and remaining flora at the top of the falls. It still is a special place, after all these years.

The inevitable Gnome riding in the back of the pegleg burro shot.

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