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February 10th, 2009 - A revisit to the Land of Cheesy Avatars

After coming across a few more of these ridiculously cheesy avatars and placeholders, I decided it was time for a revisit. This topic came up in some of the early days of the blog, and was one inspiration to start it for me, actually.

Do people actually look like this at any point during their day...?!

You gotta love the totally canned expressions and the use of "the fifth frame" in the photo above. I personally wouldn't let either of them close to a drill in my house.

Here's a lady who loves her computer, her herb tea, and everything that is sterile and white.
She probably has her Apple desktop set up in silver & white. I LOVE my computer. I LOVE looking at my online bank account. I can't wait until the maid gets here, there's a fleck of caviar on the screen.

This call may be monitored for quality-control purposes, so don't push my buttons or I'll climb through the phone line and slap you silly.

And from the School of Abominable Ergonomics, how NOT to use your computer:

I'm pushing this button, and it has to be "just so."

Please take the PICTURE! This laptop is burning the hair off my legs. Tee hee.

And here we are back with the triangle people. What the heck this is about, it's anyone's guess:

I hope they didn't pay the graphic designer too much for that concept.


I'm wondering if I would sell my image for use as an avatar. I keep thinking back to that episode of "Friends" where Joey sells his image to a stock photography company and it ends up on a bus-stop campaign against VD.
I guess in the modelling biz, it's all or nothing. 
Well, I guess it's time to crawl out of the Land of Cheesy Avatars and back into reality.
You know, someplace safe and real; where we have giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox, the World's Largest Hockey Stick, and the World's Largest Ball of Twine.
Where a feather-boa wearing WWF wrestler can be Governor, and a comedian can run for Senate. 
Ahh. Home at last.

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