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February 25, 2009 - Tooth & Nail

It was a nice bright day at the dog park last Saturday, with about six inches of new snow to boot. So to speak. These two dogs belonged to two ladies that both had two dogs, and the little Beagle pup on the right was definitely the zeta in the pecking order between all of them. 
Sharon was getting a little perturbed that the owners were either clueless or didn't want or know how to step in, and the dogs were just rolling tumble-weed of snow-flying, teeth-baring mayhem at times. 
I really like this picture though, what with the teeth, claws, and whites of the eyes. I've been shooting more black & white again, tweaking my contrast and trying to get a better feel for it. 
I think I've said this before, but sometimes it's just easier for me to "see" a shot in
B & W.
When I go out "thinking it" with a camera, I notice things that I don't think I would if I went out with just color in mind. It's kind of weird. I have had dreams in black and white too.

The little guy has a few words of wisdom for the Terrier.

Take a break! They're losin us.

Meanwhile, Happy the Wonder Dog is in Seventh Heaven, racing the Basenji's and burning off the cooped-up winter blues.


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