And now for something completely disgusting...

This is a Public Service Announcement:


This lovely creature was found attached to Happy's armpit. Looks like it was just in the nick of time as she has bloated to the "egg sac" stage, with her big old booty containing nearly a thousand of the little nippers. It's a bit of a shock to us as it's been cold and snowy here a lot of the last few weeks, but there have been a few pretty warm days.
People ask me in trying to justify the "all god's creatures" theme what I think the purpose of a Wood Tick (or Dog Tick) is on Earth. Basically, the thing they do best is spread disease, as they love to hook on to so many nice warm-blooded mammals. It's said that they can sense carbon-dioxide being exhaled. But they do have their own predators, namely "Tickbirds", also known as oxpeckers, trained chickens that specialize in eating ticks off of cattle, and the ever-popular parasitic wasp. Seems like if there's a nasty ass parasite or ruthless spider that is impressive because of it's tenacious, almost malicious (anthropomorphizing here) killing methods, there's always those little parasitic wasps to dampen their day. Everybody has their own personal nemesis.
Keep an eye open for those ticks. Geez, I got an itch now.

April 11, 2008

"My Dear, I know we've lived in the same cage all these years, but it's taken so long to find you!" "Please, no tongue, Hon. There's a school group coming through in five minutes."
Reappearance of the "Paper Towel Snow", or Bountiquaag Rolleischneequuak in Icelandic.

Op-Ed: Let's get serious about this "Dress-down Friday" thing

This morning as my lovely wife was pondering what to wear to work for the day unofficially recognized in America as "Dress-down Friday," I began thinking... to really make this whole "relaxed attire" concept work,
I think EVERYONE should adopt:
"Wear a Clown Suit to Work Friday."

It would take so much of the pressure out of those executive board meetings and put everyone on a level playing field. Personally, I would respect the CEO's, lawyers and government officials so much more if they would offer a little self-deprecation once in a while, and it would add a lot of levity to certain news networks, political pundits, and depressing doomsayers.

Needless to say, police chases would be even more entertaining to watch, as would sporting events, beauty pageants, dog shows, and of course election coverage.

So hey, America, I'm offering this idea up for free, no residuals are necessary. You don't have to set aside, "National Guy Who Thought Up Wear a Clown Suit to Work Friday Day" for me or anything. Just imagine the vast improvement our world-image could achieve if people around the globe could see us really step out of our business facades once a week.
I'm not saying this won't take some guts. But if this REALLY IS "The Home of the Brave,' I know we can do it.

See you in the Board Room next Friday.