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April 6, 2008

"April showers bring May flowers." Maybe it was just the willows weeping.
Spock, I want you to climb in there and mind-meld with those giant eggs. Um, Captain, I'd really rather not...
Spock! Why the show of emotion all of a sudden?! Get up there and mind-meld with those giant eggs! What's the worst that can possibly happen?
Um, Captain...
Never mind that, Spock, mind-meld with those giant Gorn's eggs, and that's an order! Geez, insubordinate Vulcans. What next.
Now where did that nameless red-shirted security guard run off to...?

No, not giant Gorn's eggs, but the seeds and pod of the beautifully crafted Lotus flower. As a stunning "Water Lilly" type submergent plant when in flower on the swamp, it then becomes a green shower head before the seeds are seen.
This marvel of floralengineering then begins to dry out, floating in the swamp facing the sun, and as covering draws back and the seeds are exposed, the rough waters of late summer break the stem and christen the showerhead's journey to a distant shore.
There it washes high on the beach and flips over, tumbling it's cache of seeds to a new potential lotus grove.
"These are a few of my fav-orite things..."

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