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April 20, 2008

A walk around lake Nokomis begat some interesting bird watching today:
A pair of nesting bald eagles, along with many loons, mergansers, grebes, cormorants, ducks and gulls of many flavors.
"Four score and seven years ago our fore feathers brought forth, upon this continent..."
Meanwhile the little misses is back home awaiting take-out food.
Hell-o!? I wish he wasn't such a gosh-darn ham down there at the lake, he can't get his big fat head out of his tree when there's even the smallest crowd around, the putz.

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, there were indeed big crowds in both places--one large group at the lake watching the big guy in the tree and then another crowd gathered on a hill by the nest which is in a neighborhood a few blocks away by the 5-8 greasy burger joint. There were official photographers with looooong lenses as well as regular folks gathered around either just enjoying the sight of a big eagle or seeing what they could get with their phone cameras. It's hard to express how nice it is to have an eagle nest in your neighborhood, and to see so many people appreciating it.