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December 8th, 2008 - Day of Infamy

Had a bit of ego-buttering happen the other day. Sharon and I had just parked in the Target parking lot and I noticed the windshield of the car across from us had the MPRB 125th Anniversary Parking Permit using my photo affixed to the glass!  

I had to laugh because it went to press in January of this year, and now it's the middle of December and this is the first one I've seen. It's not exactly like being a top-forty band and hearing your number-one hit coming from someones headphones on the bus, but it's vindication. 
I thought when they came out, I'd be seeing them all over the place and be getting a huge head from it, permits at the gas station, permits at the library, permits at the Falls parking lot... "Yeah, hey did you know I took that picture on your parking permit...?! Why is it so expensive...?" Um, I dunno, I can't help you with that. But it was the same one used on the Park System Map in 2006!
I just happen to have a large stack of them in the car, would you like one...?!  Or more?

None of that happened, so I promptly forgot about it. 
I don't even consider it my best stuff, but as long as they were gaga over it, I'm happy.
Guess I had better see if I can still buy one to slap in my scrapbook.

Okay, thanks for hearing out my self-proclaimed backslapping. Now back to my regularly scheduled sloth.

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