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December 11th, 2008 - POST #300!!!

Infinite Universe
Blog Post Number Three Hundred
Has Arrived!

Let's see, post number 300.
It's December 11th, I still can't accomplish my original goal for this year to post at least one post every day, but with 19 days left in the year, if I post 3.421 posts every day I have left, I can still post THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE posts in a year!
Hmmm. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it. 
And I'm not sure I could uphold the same "high standards of journalistic quality" (sticking finger down throat) that my dedicated public has come to expect after over a year of interpreting the Infinite Universe for you. Hawwwk Tooie!

Gave it a hell of a try though. And it ain't over yet. I wonder what Jim Brandenburg thinks.

Not available in stores.

The inimitable Pickett Model 300. If you know what this is, you come from a generation without a letter designation.

Now where am I going to get 300 candles at this time of night?!

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