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December 19th, 2008 - Diplomacy

I came across this pic from our visit to the dog park from the other day. A very rambunctious approximately year-old black lab came mysteriously thrashing out from deep in the marsh, unescorted and unattended and then flopped down on the snow and sat staring intently back the way it came.
That was until it's sensors picked up Happy's presence and it went into grizzly bear mode, as seen in the above image.
I'm reminded of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom", viewed on many a Sunday evening, much too close to the screen of a huge console TV at my cousin's or grandma's with a gut full of ham & scalloped potatoes being told I was a better door than a window. By the time I figured out what that meant, Marlin Perkins was having his interview inside the safety of the Land Rover while his bare-footed assistant "Jim" was out wrestling the grizzly.  This had all the makings of one of those situations, with Hap stepping in as the short-shrifted "Jim".
Hap was keeping all channels of communication open, with all his cards on the table as it were, until he figured out that this was an immature grizzly bear and that all it wanted was some token butt-sniffing and to then have it's butt waxed in a game of chase, which Happy provided for it admirably. 
Nobody beats the artful dodger at his own game. "Jim" lives on, at least until next week, when he may be lowered into a pit of venomous snakes or must remove an infected stye from a bison's eye during the rut.

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