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December 11th, 2008 - Return of the Tongue Depressor

Well, you have to define "NOT SAFE". You mean ALL the time? You mean for non-ice fishing people? Non-Minnesotans? People with all their marbles? People that think it sane to sit out on a semi-frozen lake on a 5 gallon bucket for hours dangling a line through a hole cut in the ice? People weighing over 300 lbs including sled full of gear? People over 100 lbs.? People running REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fast?
Some time ago I attempted to explain to a non-Minnesotan what the giant "tongue-depressors" are for that you see near these signs around our beautiful lakes.
They are for THAT guy.

Trial and error. 
Two sets of tracks that go out into the only wet area in sight and then come right back in using a much increased gait.

Tourist brochure.
A nice ice-fishing shelter dragged out to the middle of the lake via sled and set by what was probably a sizable crack yesterday.
It doesn't get much better than this.
Oh, and it's every bit as cold as it looks. Even colder.

Cold blue. And that's my fingers.
When we turned down our street on the way home, Happy immediately snapped to attention and started whining. I said, "Home? Warm? Happy? Food?" and he started jumping up and down and whapping everything with his tail and whining. 
Home Warm Happy Food is our new mantra.

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