May 29th, 2008 - Resynced!

We have a new addition to the household. It's Capt'n Jack, the Painted Turtle, ain't he cute?
He is rehabbing his left ear, as it is kinda swelled up and causing his eye to close weird, giving him that questioning pirate look. It looks like this is his first day on this Earth, as he had some eggshell chunks on his nose when he came in to Springbrook this morning. That might have something to do with his cauliflower ear as well. One of our High School service helper kids found him wandering alone down their driveway as they were heading over to us. Proud parent bathtub shot.
Good luck, little buddie. Hope we can get you off the DL.
Hey! We're re-synced and blogging real-time! Finally.

May 28th, 2008

There is a season, fern, fern, fern. Our front yard ferns were looking too good in the bright late afternoon sun to pass up.
The lilacs are popping. This one's down the parkway, Sharon's dwarf lilac is a few days behind.
Dandilion sparklers.
Ripples and riffles from the creek reflecting on the underside of the 34th Ave. bridge.
Our pastoral creek scene, looking east.