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May 16, 2008

Innocent-enough looking flower. Sort of a "Deer & Dog" print on the front of the petal, nice soothing colors. Then as you are drawn further down into the maw you witness the cilia-like pollen spikes, menacing askew eyebrows (heart-shaped, no less) and look behind the candy-coated lavender eyeballs of... Creeping Charlie. Heh heh heh. Shockingly insidious. Chill-inducing.
(Some say it was the impetous behind the design of The Doomsday Weapon from the original Star Trek, others contend that was a rotten sweet potato.)
This jaunty young Card stands his ground and casts a wary eye towards the stinky lowlife human with one eye that can't even fly yet! Pah! They think they're so evolved!
A rare look into the power center of that atom-smashing particle replicator known to us as, the Dandilion. Right before everything was vaporized.
Pear tree, sans partridge. (We haven't told it it lives in Minnesota. Shhhh....)

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