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May 16, 2008

Whew. Well it seems "my personal quest" to post every day has had a few setbacks. Not that I haven't been shooting pretty much everyday, I have. But I have been a naturalist to the point of exhaustion lately, and "somethin's gotta give somewhere." Since it usually means staying up even later, blogging has been it.
I'm disappointed I only made it until May without breaking my consecutive days posted streak. And, ironically enough, where it happened was at the "Photo Retreat Weekend" a couple weeks ago. After driving all day thru a sleetstorm and wanting to meet and talk with everyone that showed up that night, things fell apart, no pictures were taken, and the wireless was up and down like a pogo-stick anyway.
So I'm trying to play ketchup now, still trying to post in order (after this anyway) and get back to present day if I can. The thing is, things are hoppin' here, Spring's colors and plants and animals and birds are going nuts in Minnesota. Things have been held down by a long cold wet early Spring for so long that everything is trying to blossom, reproduce, feed or show it's colors at once. Cats sleeping with dogs, it's pandemonium out there!!!
Most of my time has been spent teaching elementary school kids about their nature trail and it's been quite an experience. Or more like an onslaught of experiences. Kind of a daily phenology short story combined with a character study of about 400 kids. Then there's all the teachers, who can be a real piece of work in themselves. I don't know how they do it day in and day out, but I'm glad they do.
Here's a sample of what kids say:
"When are you gonna stop tellin us stuff?!"
"What are worms for?"
"Were the dinosaurs real?"
"I think he can't eat it cause his lips are too slippery."
"I had one of those crotchroaches once."
"Can you swallow a photon?"
"Hey, I remember you, you're that guy."
"You were at my birthday party!"
"Wow, that's so cool, you get to wear an ID tag!"
"Um, it says, Tim Boyle - Natural."
"Hey! There goes MR.... TIN FOIL !!!"

Pardon the interruption, Mr. Tin Foil is trying his best.

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