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January 30, 2008

An evening visit downstream of the Ford Plant, at the mouth of Minnehaha Creek where it joins the Mississippi River. The river is open in spots, sort of styrofoam ice in others, and hoarfrost and chandelier ice in still others. I walked across the mouth of the creek with my camera attached to the tripod, and when I turned around Happy the Dog was looking dishevelled and crawling on the bank saying, "I ain't gonna cross it." The styro ice sounded REALLY hollow, but strong, (in my opinion anyway) but he was having no part of it. So I shot a couple and crossed back so we could go around. The windchill today is still in the -15 range, but cabin fever has got the better of me and I just had to get out. Everything was fine except my nose and fingers which is standard procedure below +40 anyway.
This is an OLD Ford plant and the reason they chose this location originally was because of the pure white sand in the area, which they used to make windshields back in the day. Of course the bonus hydroelectric power didn't hurt either. Now there is talk of closing the plant down (they make Ranger trucks, and only Ranger trucks) and no one knows what to do with the toxic waste, beautiful river overlook, and large prime real estate in a nice neighborhood.
The Ford Bridge, the Ford Plant, and Lock & Dam #2 on the Mississippi River.

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