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January 17, 2008

Time for an inside shot. So to speak. Let's see, this half-skull has the eye sockets facing relatively forward, that's a usually a sign of a predator or scavanger. Sockets for four incisors up front and maybe two bigger canines behind those, yet also a pretty good installment of molars in the back.
All in all a pretty nice selection of teeth. Who does that sound like?
Sorry, not human with that tiny little dome, short rostrum (forehead) and long snout that probably would have a better sense of smell than us anyway.
No, this cute little bugger is probably climbing out of your sewer grate right now, and heading straight for your garbage can with the most appealing smell. That would be the species Procyon lotor, the common North American raccoon. (lotor from Latin, "washer") This one is pretty small, maybe a youngster that didn't make it very far.
I ended up putting all the built-in diffusion on my only flash and setting it on a shelf facing up with a hardware store dust mask over it. Then I set the skull on that, put a white card behind it and ended up at 1/200th sec. @ f32, ISO 200.

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