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January 10, 2008

It's time for...

Clandestine Grocery Store Photography!!!
Dude, I am SO on break right now!
Here's how it works: you set up your point & shoot digital camera so all the sounds are shut off, set it for wide angle, shut the flash off, and enable the the self-timer.

Ugh! Overcome by brightly colored overly salty jumbo size snack foods!

Then sling the camera strap so the camera points out the backside of your armpit, press the shutter button and let the mayhem begin!

Hey, Frosted Mini-Spooners 2 for 5! Hmmm.

Even the parking lot tilts.
The thing is you don't know when your camera is going to go off, or even when it did, because of the self-timer and lack of sounds, so you have no idea what your getting until you get back to the car. It's exciting. And all the images seem to have this weird tilt to them...
Have fun!

1 comment:

TC said...

Holy snack food, Batman! Bright colors, tilted cameras, surly uniformed's the Grocer!