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January 24, 2008

I've always maintained that having a clean, well-organized workbench promotes a safer, more enjoyable hobby experience.
You just can't beat Whole Foods for esthetically pleasing mangoes.Sharon driving with what seems to be a bit of static outside of the car.
Oh here's the source. Someone left the Christmas tree lights on in January.
Pearl prepares to melt my camera lens with her laserbeam stare.


buthidae said...

That workbench has to be staged. Nobody lets electronics cooties that near greasy bike parts.

dignature said...

A workbench such as this CAN'T be staged. It just happens. There is a history of projects here, layers and layers of success' and failures, failures and success', like a core sample from the town dump. It's such a kinetic sculpture, I hate to use any tools off of it. Except of course my orange shot-filled four-pound dead-blow hammer, which happens to be on top because I use it to fix everything.
Electronics cooties, being parasites, only host on electronic parts and will fortify to protect their hosts from intruding bicycle grease molecules. Gremlins, on the other hand will cross-thread your bottom bracket, roll your ball-bearings down the sewer grate, rust stainless steel, and mix your metric and american parts if given half a chance.