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April 30, 2009 - Meanwhile, back at the creek...

Just time to post a few before I go into info overload...

I stopped at the "Mill Ruins" near the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis with the 10.5mm  fish-eye lens I had rented and shot a couple before turning it back in.

I love the female Wood Ducks! I think they're even prettier than the males. So subtle, yet dynamic somehow. They are always so skittish though. We are seeing a lot of them along the creek this year, seems like more than in past years. I hope it's due to our working with the Parks Department to install and maintain more boxes. They are so cool to watch.

And of course, Mr. Showboat, the male Wood Duck. Glitter rock-star that he is, what can you say. Sort of the Rick Derringer of his domain. Do you need batteries for that get-up...?

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