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April 6th, 2009 - Off-Kilter

Off -kilter
1. not in perfect balance, slightly askew.
2. eccentric, unconventional.

Yeah, that seems like it lately. Things are a bit askew. Not quite sure why or where it came from. Just like the origin of "off-kilter." In one book says it comes from "kelter" which meant "normal" and was in use around the 1640's & 50's. In another it says it didn't show up until circa 1941, but it doesn't cite why. Eh, why question chaos.

Haven't seen this angle of evening light for awhile. This one has fill-flash, but still there's something I like about this pic. Just a simple picture of a simple tree. Eking out a living in the city.

The dead kale. Stinky, rotten kale, fertilizing itself for next year. It looks like a picked over skeleton, as it should. It used to be a proud purple plant with frilly leaves. Entropy. Death and rebirth. Decay. It's all necessary.


A very miserable fungus. 
Change will come. Off-kilter is only defined by the perspective of the observer.


ZapZang said...

LOVE the watercolor pic!

dignature said...

Thanks. I love it when some days you can see something in that same spot you've walked by dozens or hundreds of times in the past, such as the reflections on the water.
Maybe there ARE more dimensions than we know...