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April 29, 2009 - Long Lake Photo Retreat - Spring 2009

It's been a crazy busy and emotional time around here lately. 
Our 20-year-old cat and best friend Pearl developed some issues last Thursday that made me realize it might be time to seriously consider her quality of life. After a short vet visit, she was put down. Things happen so fast and with such finality sometimes. It was a very sad and emotional time for us, but I'm glad I could be there with her at the end. She was a true friend to me since she was a week old, and to Sharon for over ten years.
The next day I left for Aitkin, MN to teach at the LLCC Photo Retreat, and between that, working evenings at Springbrook, and a million other things, it's been a time of catching up, sorting things out, sifting.
Here are some photos from the retreat, the weather defied all weather predictions and gave us everything we wanted. It's such a beautiful area and facility, it was a good place to both sit and think, and be with people that shared the same interests as I do.
The spring creatures are arriving, coming out, and waking up. 
The call of the loons was unforgettable.
I rented a couple lenses I had never shot before for the weekend; a 300mm/f 2.8 telephoto with a 2x teleconverter, and a very surreal 10.5mm/f2.8 fish-eye.
Here's some of the results.
More later.


Anonymous said...

These are so cool. I love the sky shot.

dignature said...

Very early the next morning I went back to a trail near there that had a tall stand of jack pine, thinking I would try the same shot. As I got set up, a hawk flew out of the trees and as I glanced at it for a moment, a second hawk flew right through the opening of where my frame would have been, encircled by the pines. At least I have the memory. Maybe I'll Photoshop it someday just to satisfy my concept...
- T.