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April 8th, 2009 - Spring Phenology Check-in

Hapdog and I ventured upstream towards the willows yesterday, and signs of spring abounded. The mallards were paired up (mostly) in every little alcove of the stream. We tend to take them for granted here I think because we see them so often, but they can be amazingly vivid in the bright sun and glistening with the water.
I had seen a mink swimming in the creek just down from here, but I couldn't get a clear shot through all the branches starting to bud out. We waited and waited, but he never surfaced again, so we walked on. I kept looking back, expecting him to pop up somewhere downstream, but he disappeared into his hidden underwater labyrinth.

Nice office space for a naturalist. Who needs a desk when you have a view like that, and a Weeping Willow as a curtain? Hold all my calls...

Another example of yoga behavior in animals. Maybe it's more of a Tai Chi thing with ducks.
Be in the moment, and you will find your inner duck.

This little guy was singing his heart out from the top of the tree. He had so many little trills and whistles and slurs, I'd hate to have to transcribe his sheet music. There was actually a large flock all singing back and forth along the creek, a veritable symphony of finches. Mother Nature conducting.

And how can the neighborhood skate kid NOT get out the board and the mini-ramp on a day like this. Putting' the body English on it. We've got gravity, we might not understand it, but why waste it...?
Spring Phenology check boxes.

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