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May 12th, 2009 - Helicopter Landing

The first helicopter of the season lands in our backyard after it's maiden voyage.

I asked it, "Why are there beings at all, instead of just Nothing...?" But after five minutes of no response I was going to be late for my doctor's appointment, so I had to go. Disappointing.

"Spiderdog...  Spiderdog... does whatever a Spiderdog does..."


buthidae said...

Spidey dog looks like he's done something very, very bad.

dignature said...

Actually, he had just gotten his nails clipped and we were sucking up to him with pets and treats. I think he looks a little wiggy because it was like a one second exposure and all that is moving is his eyes...
I think that's why he has glare on both sides of his eyeballs. Weird.