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January 7th, 2009 - Dog Walk Runs Afoul Near Falls

Just another day walking the dog out on the parkway.  Same old clouds, same old snow, same old turkey running down the jogging path...
Same old tur...

Gunner says, "Vat iss dis turkey doo-ink, mit da down dee parkvay a runnink?!"

Doo dee doo. Just running down the parkway. Woops, can't go that way, too many cars. 
Think I'll peck in the street. Hunh? What are these guys honking at anyway? 
Woops, heh heh, I guess it's me! I had better run back this way!

See ya!
Meanwhile, the train is going by and Happy is clueless. 
Turkey? What turkey? Can't you hear the train going by?! 

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