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Amendum to the Addendum

Well, gentle reader, another write-in candidate has cropped up on the "name the nasty pieces of crud that you try to karate kick off your car fenders at the gas station" ballot, in true democratic fashion.
No, it's not Ralph Nader, it's: Carcicles
Very crafty. Subtle, yet obvious. 
And if that weren't enough, as some of you are probably wishing it were, also cryptically written on that same ballot was: Fenderbergs
Too right! 
Maybe we should have run a caucus and a primary first.
So, summing up the contenders so far, here are your candidates and their tallies:

"Car Turds"
  1 (11%)

  1 (11%)

"Fender Fudge"
  2 (22%)

"Mudflap Mallow"
  0 (0%)

"Pothole Pudding"
  0 (0%)

"Salt Stalactites"
  2 (22%)

"Snow Boogers"
  1 (11%)

"Tire Tacos"
  0 (0%)

"Wheelwell Wedgies"
  2 (22%)

Or so. Margin of error 2%

With the write-ins; a.k.a "None of the above (email it over)" leading by a sizable margin, I can
see this is going to be a true Minnesota-style election. Haven't heard anything from Jesse yet. (Of course he was once quoted as calling the press: "a bunch of jackals". I'm not sure if that includes bloggers. Probably, more so.)

16 days left to vote! Git ta clickin'!

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