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Addendum to the car crud poll

Well, Blogger won't let me edit the poll here on Infinite Universe about naming "those nasty pieces of crud that you try to karate kick off your car fenders at the gas station" because "voting has already begun" according to them. 
I guess that's fair considering all the problems Minnesota is having with it's senate seat election, what with Flying Spaghetti Monsters , lizard people and all.

However, we've had a write-in candidate: "Snow Boogers."

So if you have any other official write-in suggestions for fender crud, don't write them in the margins of the blog or blacken your oval and cross it out, and then write your candidate next to it. Just email it to the pollmaster here at Infinite Universe. Your votes will be tabulated in proper democratic fashion. Trust me!
We can't have another debacle like 2008.
- Ed. I mean, -Tim.

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