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January 16, 2009 - Frosty the Windowpane

Oy, yoy yoy.
I have been trying to fight off whatever "bug" I caught (and I hate that term, I should stop using it especially because it's probably a virus, and not even on the same radar screen as far as organisms go) for the last two weeks by working on too many projects at once.
And I'm not saying I caught it by working on too many projects at once, I'm saying I'm fighting it off by working on too many projects at once, just by doing so many things it makes my head spin and snot flys out. It's a weird cold/flu thing, I still have a nasty cough in spells, but it "feels" better (if ya know what I mean) and my energy level is up more often. Why bother describing it?

The sub-zero weather we've been locked into for a week hasn't made it any easier for anyone here in Minnesota. It just hasn't been the sunny, cold weather that tends to put off Seasonal Affective Disorder either, it's been more the permanent four-in-the-afternoonish dim cloud that makes you wonder if you should turn on the lights or not.

On the other hand (which is kind of cold and chapped right now), it is great for those frosty window etchings that nature creates, destroys, changes, as the day goes on. Makes you want to study fractals.

It seems like I always have to post one day of this kind of stuff at some point during the winter. I'll have to go back and look to see what day it was on last year.

So, keep it together everyone, and keep it "bundled up." Have some hot chocolate and grab a book or go skating somewhere near a warming shack. I know the sun is just over the horizon.
Or something like that...

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