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January 4th, 2009 - Bass Ponds Flashback

I have to take a slight backstep here to back to December 23rd, 2008, as I never got to posting any pics from our "Owlish" Photo Hike at the Bass Ponds. 
Although we didn't see or hear any owls, we did see a shrike in a tall tree while we waited in the parking lot to see if anyone else was going to show up. 
One hearty soul besides Sharon and myself braved the cold and new snow, which turned out to be great for snowshoeing. 
Down at the water we saw a wood duck couple, which was a little unusual for this time of year, and lots of mallards and geese; the normal fodder in open water at this time.

In the ice and snow where the watercress grows... it's amazing to see watercress growing here all year around. The green sticks out like a neon sign.

A tall cottonwood. It's developing a sort of an ice crevasse up the trunk, but it seems no further worse for wear. 
The mini-waterfall with some green stuff trying desperately to hang on under the cold water and current. If this was Alaska that would probably be twenty feet high, but since it's Minnesota it's about eight inches.
One of those extra-fancy man-hole covers they have by the semi-conductor company. Whatever they pour down there would probably make your hair curl too.

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