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September 5th, 2008 - HA HA! Wait. What...?

Man, this world has a lot more fluorescent lights than I thought it would...

I was working the evening shift at Springbrook last night when Siah came running into the animal room like an expectant father with a box of cigars.
"We've got baby snapping turtles hatching in the incubator, I saw one out of the corner of my eye while I was typing at my computer!" he exuberates. "I'm going to take some pictures!" he blurts, like the sixty-year-old little kid he is. To which my first response was, "How did we get turtles to hatch out of snake eggs?!!?" (Turns out we had snapper eggs in there too, I'm always the last to know anything around there)

So I grabbed my little camera and we hustled back up to his office to see a few miracles.

Helleww...? I dhist banged my egg thooth on dhis thing an it cwacked open, I hope dhat's OK?

Phew! Finally! Kinda 'close' in there if ya know what I mean!

Mmmm. Salted nutroll! Get off my head. Me next. What is happening? Mom? Dad? Give me something to imprint on!

Siah, Siah, How doth your garden grow?
More as it develops. Maybe snakes out of turtle eggs?

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