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September 10th, 2008 - Doctor Downtown

I took the train downtown to my doctor place and brought along the 'little camera.' (Canon G2 PowerShot, 4 Mp). After some tests and procedures, they happened to find my brain crumpled up and accidentally thrown into a corner of my cranium, so I figured since I was downtown anyway I would hoof it over to my regular camera store. It's West Photo (you know the one, on the east side of town...) I needed to pick up some cleaning materials for the CCD sensor on the Nikon. On the way, the 3rd Avenue Bridge was looking resplendent in the morning light, and the wind was blowing me out of my Smartwools but it made for a nice pattern and reflections off the river chop. I braced off of the Hennipen Bridge for some frames looking south, down the Mississip.

I have always liked this building, which is now the IMG Building, I think it belonged to some other insurance mogul before that. It's hard to tell scale, but down by the two white globe lights in the lower left corner is a guy with a white hat, bending over. It is TALL. I remember the first time I saw it on a bike ride downtown in the 80's. The effervescing fountain in the front had been the victim of a capful of dishsoap, making an enormous towering mountain of suds.
This incongruous scene was made even more so by the lineup of people across the top walkway of the Mill City Museum, evidentially on a field trip. I tried to get them to do the wave but they were above that.
I will be back down there again in two weeks, if not sooner. I'm starting to recognize the commuter crowd at my train stop already. Scary.

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Anonymous said...

I like that building too. The Mill City Tours come outside every hour or so. Have you been up there? It's a great view. I'm planning on riding down there Monday and get some shots of the river. Sorry your brains all crumpled. I misplaced mine for a month, it was so embarrassing.