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September 16, 2008 - An Almost Fall Colors Photo Hike

Tuesday evening at Springbrook I led a "Fall Colors Photo Hike."
That is to say it would have been if there were any. Well, actually there were the first inklings of iotas of shades of color in a few of the taller trees, but not what I would call "Official Fall Colors", nothing to write home about, as it were.
However, even without the vivid variegation iconically identified with autumn, the low angle of the sun and just the "quality of light" registers in your brain that it's not summer anymore. Well, it is, but for only a few more days. You know what I mean. Things are looking golden and the shadows are somehow "different." It's hard to put your finger on it.

Schlurrp. Just like eatin' spaghetti.

This "Sulphur Shelf" fungus was about as close to fall colors as we came. Which is pretty close, really. The thing was lit up like a traffic light.

You can tell it's an urban nature center when the ducks see you and come over. Will quack for food. I had one parent in a home-school class ask me what kind of bread they liked best. That's when I unfold my Henry Kissinger glasses and try to explain to them diplomatically that bread isn't actually a duck's native prey, that they might want to change something they thought was doing good since they were a kid and that in most places it's illegal to feed waterfowl. And I thought this would be a nice quiet career communing with nature. Ah well.
I think I see the colors changing, gotta go...

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