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September 2nd, 2008 - Post Labor Day Reflections from Coon Rapids Dam

Shar and I decided to celebrate our 9th anniversary with an evening trip to the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, (both sides) and send-off Labor day 2008.
It was a family scene everywhere you looked, lots of fishing, grilling, rock-skipping, and milking out the last eeks of summer vacation while the sun waned on a windy, hot & humid day.
The osprey was tending her nesting pole in the evening sun, and the evening sun was deciding which side of the reservoir to call west.
Along the railing of the dam, each little window of the fence over the water had it's own nursery web spider busily weaving a web to troll the wind for some late season gnat's, flies and mosquitoes. It was a balancing act for them to walk the tightrope in the strong wind and be knitting multiple strands at the same time.
I guess all those eyes do come in handy at times.
In all it was a nice night's walk-about. I think we all felt a sense of "closure" and a slight turn of the seasonal wheel. Autumn Equinox is on the radar...

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