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September 1st, 2008 - Happy September!

Ahh, September. From the Latin "September," the seventh month,"septem," meaning seven. Okay, it's the ninth month, but we had already chiseled all those stones, so let's just not say anything, okay?

Pearl, I know we play up our differences around the house, but since we're behind this plant and no one can see us I would just like to say I really respect the way you crap wherever you want and ignore commands from everybody. You're my role model, babe. (wink, wink) Okay cheez-it, here comes the stinky one with the flashing light and tube that he's always pointing at everything...
Heh, heh, heh, wait till they get a load of the way I chewed thru the DSL line... Down with The System, stick it to The Man, man.

And in this month's Faberge spotlight, it is virtually impossible to tell our exquisite mechanized self-blooming ornamental flower-egg from the real thing. Unlike the real thing though, you'll be able to relive it's precious blossoming moments, again and again. Order now and receive a FREE 24 carat gold electroplate style wind-up key, and terracotta pottery village delivered personally to you until infinity, directly from the Franklin Mint. Shipping charges extra.
Right eye, what do you report? Nothing much going on here, hot pavement, with a bunch of grass beyond that. What you got Lefty? Well, there is some enormous creature pointing a tube with a piece of glass at the end of it at us and it appears to be getting closer. Whaddya think Righty, should we get the heck out of here? Whyn't ya give it a sec buddy, I thought I saw that hot damselfly with the brown hairs sticking out of her face go by, headed for the pop can. Shuh! Sounds better than this sci-fi movie, Dude. Let's mosey. Right on chum, after you. No after you. No, I insist...

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